The Society of Television Engineers

Thomas David Webb, known to all as David Webb, passed away on December 29,2018 after battling lung cancer. David and I first met as colleagues working for Harris Video in Northern California’s bay area back in the early 80’s. David had joined Harris Video after graduating Napa Valley College’s television curriculum while I joined after serving in the US Navy. We each shared a love of music, poetry and good conversation. We soon became great friends and roommates.


Several years later I left the bay area for a job in Southern California. We had kept in touch while I urged him to come down to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. David decided to make the move and joined Action Video in Hollywood working for television post production pioneer Sam Holtz. Soon afterwards he married his beloved wife Joanne whom he met at Napa College. David quickly rose to position of Chief Engineer and I enjoyed visiting him in there when in town.


As the years went by we slowly went into slightly different careers; David stayed in post-production while I went on to broadcasting. He eventually moved on to Varitel Video as Chief Engineer, one of the city’s premier post facilities. When the post industry began to consolidate he turned a bad situation it into an opportunity to start his own business assisting small post facilities with his proficient technical skills.


As the years went on I left California but we always stayed in touch. We had a tradition of having breakfast every NAB the Wednesday before the show ends. Since I did not attend the NAB last year the last time we got together was NAB 2017. We shared life stories and our latest passion of collecting and enjoying vinyl records. I will miss my friend especially when NAB come around again this year. David is survived by his wife Joanne and two daughters.