The Society of Television Engineers


There are six classes of members in the STE.  They are Active, Inactive, Retired, Honorary, Life, and Associate. Below are posted the current STE bylaws, but the following two clauses cover the issues of most concern to our prospective members.

B.  Admission:  Other Membership Issues
1.  A candidate for membership as an Active Member or Associate Member must be sponsored by two Active Members, approved by the Membership Committee (comprised of the Board), have attended at least five (5) of the preceding twelve (12) general meetings, and have been approved by the vote of a majority of the Active Members.  The candidate shall provide copy(s) of his or her current professional resume to the Membership Committee.  Voting by the Active Members requires the return of the official ballot to the Secretary.  Voting of the Active Members may be conducted at a meeting or by mail or facsimile.  In the case of voting by mail or facsimile, an Active Member's failure to respond to the ballot shall be deemed a "yes" vote.
2.  Member Status.  An Active Member must attend at least five (5) of the preceding twelve (12) general meetings to remain in good standing.  An Active Member having attended less than the required five (5) of the preceding twelve (12) general meetings shall be reduced to Inactive Member status.  Members that have become Inactive for a full year shall be dropped from the rolls.  Attendance of the regular meetings is recorded by the Secretary as present (1), absent (0), or excused (E).  An excused absence by an active member will not be counted as an absence, but rather, a credit as if present.  An excused absence may be petititioned in writing to the Secretary within ten (10) days prior to or within ten (10) days following the meeting date.  The Membership Committee will rule to accept or decline the request at the next scheduled Board meeting.  A Member shall regain Active status by having attended five (5) of the preceding twelve (12) general meetings.  Extended absence will be considered by the Membership Committee in extenuating circumstances, such as, a member's health or work requirement.
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